The Time Machine

Join us for a trip back in time through the History of ORU. Ride with your host, Mark Labash, in his fictitious time machine as he re-experiences the people and events that shaped ORU. Suggestions or comments may be sent to Mark Labash at
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Time Machine #27, Joyce Bridgman Interview
Joyce Bridgman is another faculty member who has been with ORU since the very beginning. Her parents knew Oral Roberts from his early years as a church pastor. Join me as I get to know this remarkable woman and explore her past accomplishments here at ORU.
Time Machine #26, Bill Epperson Interview
Dr. Epperson has been teaching English at ORU for more than four decades. From his first interview at ORU in 1968, he felt called to teach here. Join me as I discover his personal past and history here at ORU.
Time Machine #25, Oral Roberts' Original Concept for the Whole Man, Fall of 1965
ORU was founded on the concept of education for the Whole Man. But where did this concept come from and who started it? Join me as we travel back to 1965 to hear Oral Roberts explain his concept to the new student body.
Time Machine #24, An Interview With Jan Dargatz
Jan has an interesting history with ORU. She started out as a student in the early years, became a staff member, and moved up to become Oral Roberts executive assistant and ghost writer. Join me for this interesting interview.
Time Machine #23, An Interview With Ray and Carole Lewandowski
Join me as I discover a little bit more about their past and how God worked in their lives to prepare them for their calling at ORU. Ray and Carole Lewandowski have been at ORU since the very beginning.
Time Machine #22, Why Sit Here Till We Die & How to Keep Your Healing
This show consists of two parts. In the first part is the fourth message in our healing series that Oral preaches.
Time Machine #21, Jesus Bore Our Sickness
Show number three on the message of healing. Understand how Jesus took our sickness to the cross, experiencing it first-hand so that we can receive our healing from sickness and torment.
Time Machine #20, You Can Be Made Whole
My second show focusing on the healing ministry of Oral Roberts. Hear a personal message Oral gave to seminar guests on The ORU campus.
Time Machine #19, The Authority of Jesus
The first of four of Oral's healing sermons that I have focused on that were given at seminars on the ORU campus. Oral gives us a personal insight into his history of healing and the scriptural background of this ministry.
Time Machine #18, Brother Bob's Last Chapel
Bob Stamps was ORU's Campus Chaplain for 13 years. Travel back in time to experience his last chapel on the ORU campus and hear him preaching to his future as well as to the students.
Time Machine #17, Dennis Bennet Chapel
Dennis Bennet makes another trip to ORU for a conference on the Holy Spirit and while there attends and speaks at an ORU chapel. Hear his message as we travel back to that chapel.
Time Machine #16, Dennis Bennet Chapel
Meet the individual credited with starting the recent Charismatic movement after receiving the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues in 1960. Hear his first message to the ORU student body.
Time Machine #15, An Interview With Dr. George Gillen, Business Professor Extraordinaire
Travel back to the very beginning of ORU with Dr. Gillen. Hear his comments about a lifetime of learning and teaching.
Time Machine #14, An Interview With Dr. Bill Jernigan, Director of Learning Resources
Join me as I talk about the early years of ORU with Dr. Bill Jernigan, Director of Learning Resources.
Time Machine #13, Evelyn Roberts Personal Testimony
Learn about Oral's wife, Evelyn, her personal testimony and reflections on her life.
Time Machine #12, An Interview With Roberta Potts, Oral's Youngest Daughter
Roberta talks about her upbringing, the tragedies in the Roberts household and ORU.
Time Machine #11, Ann Kimmel Chapel
Mark Hall introduces us to Ann Kimmel, speaker, writer and poet.
Time Machine #10, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "Christ's Mastery Over Demons"
A sincere message before the age of political correctness; hear about Oral Robert's experience with demon possession.
Time Machine #9, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "Holding The Rope"
Oral Roberts delivers another popular message from his crusade years.
Time Machine #8, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "Sampson and Delilah"
A preacher like no one else. Hear his energy and unique delivery from the crusade years.
Time Machine #7, Oral Robert's Crusade Message, "The Fourth Man"
Take a ride with your host to experience the most popular crusade message Oral Roberts ever delivered.
Time Machine #6, An Interview With Laura Holland of Communication Arts
Student, theatre professor and chair of the Communication Arts Department, Laura Holland shares her experiences on the ORU campus.
Time Machine #5 - John Lennon and the Accreditation Announcement
John Lennon the famous Beatle on the ORU campus? Discover the truth. Also, experience the moment the students are informed about their accreditation.
Time Machine #4 - Kathryn Kuhlman
Kathryn Kuhlman shares her first experience with the Holy Spirit on this journey. A personal insight you don't want to miss.
Time Machine #3 - Kathryn Kuhlman
A great healing evangelist shares her personal testimony during a special chapel service on the ORU campus.
Time Machine #2 - Oral's First Faculty Chapel
A new beginning, a new university; Join us as we attend the first faculty chapel service ever held on the ORU campus.
Time Machine #1 - ORUs Dedication
On the premiere show, we travel back to the dedication of Oral Roberts University on April 2nd, 1967. We get a chance to hear the messages of Oral Roberts and Billy Graham. Join us for their stirring words at the very beginning of a unique university.

The Secret Life of the College Freshman

Join McKensie Garber, Miss Gateway St. Louis and ORU convergence journalism grad, as she deals with the issues facing college freshman today. As college students move away from home and begin making their own decisions, they are confronted with personal battles on a larger scale. The way students handle these magnified issues can affect their habits and mentalities for the rest of their lives. The five topics covered in each show present insight and expertise on key issues facing the college students of this generation. As a national spokesperson for CharacterPlus, McKensie provides encouraging testimonies and ways to overcome these obstacles with integrity.
Title Duration
SLCF #5 - Self Identity
Join McKensie and ORU Professor of Psychology, Dr. Andrea Walker as they discuss self-identity. Dr. Walker shares her insight on self-identity issues from her studies, research, and time working with students. During college, students grow and shape into the adults they will leave campus and step into the world as. What many of them might not know is that "identity" is the ever-changing result of their environment and experiences.
SLCF #4 - Chasing Your Deams
Join McKensie as she interviews a friend who recently followed her dreams to the world of Disney. Sometimes chasing your dreams means cutting through a lot of red tape and overcoming personal fears and insecurities. Interview guest, Emerald Dean shares why chasing your dreams is worth it all.
SLCF #3 - Drugs & Alcohol
Find out how recreational marijuana recently cost the life of an ORU student and the challenges and risks students face with the decision to drink or take drugs. ORU student, Madeline Osiwala shares her personal testimony with alcohol and how abstaining from that lifestyle has enhanced her life.
SLCF #2 - Pornography & Sexual Temptations
Join McKensie and her special guest, ORU men's chaplain, John Bradford as they discuss the prevalent temptations of sex and pornography. Find out how pornography affects relationships, personal well-being, and life issues.
SLCF #1 - Depression
On the premiere show, McKensie shares her personal testimony of overcoming depression her freshman year of college to pursue excellence in every area of her life.

Instant Replay

Join Russell Dorsey, Jordan Jones and Solomon Williams as they take you through the biggest news of the week in sports. Hear MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and ORU news like you never have before. Sol, Russ and Jordan are convergence journalism majors and enjoy watching sports just as much as they like to talk about them.
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Instant Replay #12: December 11, 2015
This week on Instant Replay the guys discuss more big moves in MLB, what makes a team a “Dynasty”, who will win the Heisman and College Football Playoff, Overreactions, best Christmas gift ever and Solomon says farewell to the show.
Instant Replay #11: December 4, 2015
On this week’s episode, the guys discuss the big money deals in Major League Baseball, Kobe Bryant finally calling it quits after 20 seasons, Jahlil Okafor messing up, the push for the college football playoffs and will Tiger Woods win another major before he retires?
Instant Replay #10: November 20, 2015
Special guest Parrish Purnell Jr. joins the show to talk NBA, the guys discuss the MLB Offseason, Ronda Rousey gets KO’d, Overreactions and NFL Week 9
Instant Replay #9: November 13, 2015
This week the guys talk about the Fanduel Scandal, MLB offseason gets underway, Are there such a thing as “untouchables” in MLB?, and injuries piling up in the NFL
Instant Replay #8: November 6, 2015
Special guest Jared Jones joins the show to discuss the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series, MLB Offseason Shopping Spree, Overreactions, NFL Week 7, First week in the NBA, and major injuries hitting the teams in the NFL hard.
Instant Replay #7: October 30, 2015
On this episode of Instant Replay, the guys talk about the World Series getting underway, Tori Hunter retiring from MLB, Overreactions, NFL Week 6, and ORU basketball players to watch this season
Instant Replay #6: October 23, 2015
On this week’s show, the guys discuss the Michigan punter blowing the biggest game of the year, the Louisville Scandal starts to unfold, Mets and Daniel Murphy going to the World Series, NFL Week 6
Instant Replay #5: October 9, 2015
On this episode of Instant Replay, Sol, Jordan and Russell talk about the Louisville Scandal, Greg Hardy being an Idiot, Matt Barnes KO’s Derek Fisher, MLB Playoffs, and is Roger Goodell the worst commissioner in sports?
Instant Replay #4: October 2, 2015
Join the guys as they talk about what makes an MVP, can steroid users make the Hall of Fame? Derrick Rose breaks his face, Papelbon/Harper Brawl, Leonarde Fornette setting the NCAA on fire, MLB Playoffs begin, NFL Week 4
Instant Replay #3: September 25, 2015
The guys talk about crazy HS Football players, Chancellor finally ending his holdout, and go through Week 3 in the NFL
Instant Replay #2: September 18, 2015
On this week’s show, Sol, Jordan and Russ discuss the Year of the “Prospect” and the best rookies in baseball, NFL Week 2 and the MLB MVP Race
Instant Replay #1: September 11, 2015
On the inaugural show the guys preview Week 1 in the NFL Season, Deflatgate, and deciding who is the best wide receiver in the NFL